Oıl Separators

All kinds of facilities that produce waste water is obliged to rehabilitate
the liquids that produce disturbing odours and may also damage
installation by processing them before releasing them into the system.
Workplaces that have this potential have to use an oil separator that
complies with DIN 4040/DIN EN 1825 standards in order to purify the
waste water of oils. Otherwise the waste water that contains oil and the
small particles inside them cause tightening and corrosion in pipes and
end with waste water system to be clogged, causing large amounts of
material loss.


Ürün Kodu DN A B C H1 H2 YAĞ HACMİ
DS010.050    Ø 50 555 360 400 250 240 9 lt
DS010.070    Ø 70 700 360 400 250 240
13 lt


Oil separators enable fats and oils to be retained before they reach city
drainage system. Thus, they have to be used in commercial or industrial
facilities where fats and oils are used.

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